Friday, October 7, 2011

View and Share Websites Without Ads

I send out a periodic newsletter titled Web 2.0 Resources for Teachers.  In a recent edition of this newsletter, I shared information about PageFlip-Flap.  PageFlip-Flap allows you to turn documents, images, and videos into an interactive flipbook.   Soon after the newsletter was sent, a reader emailed and asked me if I knew other applications that did the same thing without ads.  With PageFlip-Flap, your flipbook has ads along the side.   I recommended that he try FlipSnak, a similar application.

Recently, I found out about  This is an application that takes the ads off websites.  You get a link that you can share with others.  With, you can share sites with your students that you may not have used before because of unwanted ads.

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Ove Christensen said...

Seems odd then that is filled with ads itself. Huh!?

Kristi Grande said...

It is a bit ironic. I guess all of the free services we love have to make a profit somehow. This is still a nice tool for teachers who haven't been able to use a particular resource because it's filled with ads.

I just changed the link so it takes you directly to the Ad-free browser.