Wednesday, October 5, 2011

How would our world be different without Steve Jobs?

I was out running errands when I heard on the radio that Steve Jobs has passed away.  I couldn't help but stop and think about how our lives might be different if it weren't for his forward thinking and creativity.  He exemplified the characteristics most of us would like to see in our math students.  He was a problem solver, innovator and creative thinker.

Many middle school students may not know who Steve Jobs is and what he's offered to the world, but they certainly use his products and benefit from his ingenuity.  Yesterday, I wrote a post titled Math Curriculum: How and Why it Needs to Change.  This post is about the role of technology in mathematics curriculum reform.  If it weren't for Steve Jobs and others like him, there may not be a need for this type of discussion.

It may be worth taking a few minutes of valuable class time to discuss his accomplishments and contributions with students.  And, to ponder how our world would be different without his contributions.

You might also want to share Steve Jobs' 2005 Standford Commencement Address with your students.  (via: Richard Byrne)

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