Monday, May 16, 2011

Mathematics and Multimedia Blog Carnival 11

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Welcome to the May 16, 2011 edition of Mathematics and Multimedia blog carnival! 

11 is a fascinating number.  Before we get to the blog carnival articles, let's enjoy a little trivia about the number 11.

  • There are exactly 11 stars (together with a Moon) in Vincent van Gogh’s famous painting Starry Night.
                                 Starry Night Photo taken from WebMuseum
  • 11 is the atomic number of Sodium (Na).
  • 11 is an "honest" number because "five plus six" and "two plus nine" each has 11 English letters.
  • The Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) secret handwritten recipe, developed by its founder, Colonel Harland Sanders, consists of 11 herbs and spices.

We had several submissions for this edition of the Mathematics and Multimedia Blog Carnival.  I hope you enjoy these articles as much as I did!

General Articles 

Guillermo Bautista presents Finger Multiplication posted at Mathematics and Multimedia, "Finger Multiplication is a strategy for multiplying numbers from 6-10."

Alicia Arnold presents Creative Ways to Teach Math, Part 2 posted at Daily CreativityAlicia shares a story about how her husband used story telling to engage their young sun in learning math. 

Math Connections

Katerina Kalfopoulou presents ΟΤΑΝ Ο ΚΟΜΠΟΣ ΦΤΑΝΕΙ ΣΤΟ ΧΤΕΝΙ posted at Μαθηματικά + Λογοτεχνία.  This article, which explores some history of mathematics, is written in Greek.  You can use Google Translate to translate the article to English.  When translated, the article begins, "It is theoretically impossible to develop a culture of (ethno) mathematics, although not first develop a certain way of writing.  To measure an calculate, to manage and decide, man use some specific tools, devised by the need and desire to record their 'treasures' that had accumulated...". 

Mathematics Teaching

David Cox presents Well, Since You Asked posted at David shares a response from one of his students during a discussion about different types of problem solving.

Erlina Rhonda presents Ten signs that mathematics education is in crisis level » Mathematics for Teaching posted at Mathematics for Teaching.  This article uses a unique perspective to examine the current state of Mathematics Education.

Dana Mosley presents Exercise Helps Overweight Children Think Better, Do Better in Math posted at Dana Mosley.  We are constantly trying new things to improve math teaching and learning.  In this article Dana shares what current brain research says about the exercise and math connection.

David Martin presents Driving and deriving in math class posted at Real Teaching Means Real Learning. David gives an example of teaching through problem solving by incorporating technology rather than just giving students rules to follow in order to complete another worksheet.

Real Life Math

David Wees presents Richard Feynman on Education in Brazil posted at  This article examines the idea of pseudoteaching in mathematics.  David states, "almost everyone in both groups is pretty feeble at recognizing mathematics in the real world". 

Parentella presents Kitchen Teaching:  Learning Fractions with Measuring Cups posted at Parentella.  Parentella shows how to use measuring cups to gain conceptual understanding of fractions.

Technology Integration

Will Emeny presents 2D shape names and properties posted at MathsMaster.Org.  Will has a lovely suite of resources which show how we can use different ICT technologies to teach the topic of shape names and properties.

Sol Lederman presents Making Sierpinski triangles posted at Playing With Mathematica, This is a fun exploration of a classic fractal pattern with Mathematica.

David Coffey presents How can I use technology to make my thinking visible? posted at Delta Scape.  David shares his experiences from the 2011 NCTM Annual Conference where he attended sessions that focused on modeling mathematical practices.  

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of mathematics and multimedia blog carnival using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.


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