Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Best Technology Tools for Teaching Math

There are many excellent technology tools available today, but a lot of them are not really applicable to the math classroom.  That's why I started The Best Technology Tools for Teaching Math on Scoop.it.  This site is dedicated to the best technology resources for math teachers and students.  

Click on tags to see a list of topics.  When you choose a tag, you'll see everything related to that topic.  Some topics that will be included are:
  • YouTube --- sites that help teachers incorporate YouTube videos in the classroom
  • Multimedia 
  • Reflection Tools --- applications that help students reflect on their learning
  •  Student Engagement --- applications that help students become engaged in the learning process
  • Video Editing --- applications that make video editing quick and easy
If you know of resources that should be added to this list, please feel free to use the Suggest tab at the top of the page to make your recommendation.  Or, leave a comment on this page with your recommendation. 

I'll also keep a list of these sites on this blog, but you'll find more detailed information about the applications and their possible uses on the Scoop.it site.  Here's a list of what's on The Best Technology Tools for Teaching and Learning so far:
  • Glogster --- make interactive posters  
  • Voice Thread --- create conversations around multimedia
  • Spliced --- this site allows you to get clips of YouTube videos
  • Hofli Online Charts Builder --- site for creating different types of graphs
  • Math Dictionary --- this glossary of math terms hosted by Alberta Learning uses visuals and interactive applets to explain/demonstrate math vocabulary 
  • Poll Everywhere --- free student response system...create multiple choice or free response questions for your students and see resultants in real time
This is a new list so it's not very big right now.  I'll continue to add things regularly and it will continue to grow.  

If you use any of these tools, let us know how they work for you. 

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Stay tuned!  I'll be creating and sharing more math related Scoop.it topics soon.

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