Sunday, October 9, 2011

Posterous Spaces - Excellent Tool for Beginning Bloggers

If you've never blogged or had your students blog, Posterous Spaces is a great beginners tool.  It's the quickest and easiest way to start a blog (that I know of anyway!).  With Posterous Spaces, anyone can easily create an account and write your first blog post in 15 minutes.  It may take a little longer to set up your profile and pages, but even that doesn't take too long with Posterous Spaces.

Posterous Spaces has some features that help to make it a nice blogging tool.  
  • Posterous Spaces formats your posts for you.  Just write the post and attach any videos and images you want to go with the post.  Posterous Spaces does all of the formatting for you.  
  • You can write new posts on the site or in an email.  Not at your computer, but you want to write a blog post.  No problem with Posterous Spaces!  Just compose an email, attach images and/or videos and send to your Posterous Spaces email address.  They will format everything for you.
  • Posterous Spaces has an auto-posting feature.  After you write a post, you can have it automatically auto-posted to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Blogger, any many others.  
  • Posterous Spaces has privacy settings that make it an ideal tool for student bloggs.
Today on Free Technology for Teachers, Richard Byrne, posted the following slide show.  He goes through all of the steps necessary for starting a Posterous blog.

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