Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New Brain Discovery: Superior Autobiographical Memory

Last Sunday, 60 Minutes had a story about a new discovery in brain science.  It's called superior autobiographical memory.   The subjects of this story have the ability to recall all the events of their life.  It  was a very interesting story.  I'll be exciting to see what happens with this discovery in the future of Neuroscience and Brain-Based Learning.  I'm attending an Eric Jensen workshop in January, and I can't wait to get his take on this news!

60 Minutes Episode  (Go to the 15:50 mark on the video to see the Lesley Stahl story.  You'll have to watch a commercial before the story clip.)
Lesley Stahl interviews the handful of individuals known to possess the skill of near endless memory.

Extra Clips from story:

Marilu Henner, who has what is called superior autobiographical memory, tells Lesley Stahl how she uses her extensive memory to "time travel" and recall moments of her childhood.

Lesley Stahl puts Louise Owen's memory to the test. Owen has superior autobiographical memory.

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