Saturday, December 18, 2010

Have You Taken Your Students to the Cloud Yet?

One of the biggest advantages to teaching in the 21st Century is all of the tools we have available at our fingertips. We now have the ability to share everything we use with our students in formats that can be accessed from any computer.  How amazing is that!!!  Uploading and/or embedding your documents, power points, videos, pictures, links, etc. have many advantages.

Here are a few of the advantages of going to the Cloud with your students:
  • all of the materials for your lessons are in one location
  • students and parents have access to the materials used in class
  • students are able to collaborate
  • students are likely to be engaged and motivated by using these tools
  • students can continue working on assignments after school  (For example, they can continue to make posts about a topic or concept even after you've moved on to a new topic.  This could be a great way to have ongoing review of previously taught material.)
  • students who are absent have access to the materials missed

There are many other advantages of taking your students to the Cloud, but we'll leave it with these for now. I've created some online post-it notes in Wallwisher that give links and explanations of some great online tools for teachers.

Hope to see you in the Cloud soon!

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