Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Comparisons Made Easy with Find The Best

Find The Best.com is a great site for comparing things.  The video below gives an overview of the site.  This site lets you view comparisons of data in tables and graphs.  There is no end to the mathematical problems that can be posed and solved using this site.

Right now, the #7 comparison on the site is McDonald's Big Mac vs. Burger King's Whopper vs. Wendy's Double Stack. 

The question to pose to students is:  Which burger is best?   After students debate which burger is best based on their opinion, begin discussing what factors (calories, fat, and sodium) may influence someone's decision about which burger is best.  Then have students go to the site and look at the comparison chart to further explore the question of which burger is best.

The table gives all the nutrition information for each burger.  It lists the percent of daily value of saturated fat, protein, sodium, etc.  In addition to answering the question above, students could use the information in the table to calculate things like the number of fat grams for saturated fat, protein, and sodium. 

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