Monday, December 20, 2010

Collaborative Consumption and Education

In a recent TED talk, Rachel Botsman discusses the move of society towards collaborative consumption.  Even though this talk is not directly related to education, it does speak about the increasing need for teachers to provide collaborative educational experiences for students.

Rachel Botsman:  The Case for Collaborative Consumption

Today's 21st Century learners are living in world where collaborative sharing is the norm outside of the school setting.  It is beginning to become the norm in some classrooms.  Many teachers are currently using Skype, Wikis, Blogs, Social Networks, and other collaborative tools with students.  The potential for providing students with rich, relevant learning experiences has never been greater than it is today.  There are so many useful collaborative tools online that will enrich teaching and learning.

I'm planning on sharing some online collaborative learning and tools in a future blog series titled "Taking Learning to the Cloud".  This series of posts will contain descriptions, links, and math lesson ideas for using various online tools that allow learning to take place in the Cloud.  We'll also discuss the advantages of going to the Cloud with students, parents, and other educators.

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