Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Technology Tip: Live Binders

Live Binders is an easy to use online bookmarking site.  You can organize websites by tabs and subtabs.  When you select a tab or subtab, the website or document you have loaded into the binder opens.

Live Binders Features:
  • navigate websites from within the binder

  • share binders or keep them private

  • allow collaboration on binders

  • add notes to binders

  • upload images, documents, or videos into binder

Ideas for Using Live Binders with Math Students:

  • Create binders based on a particular topic and share with students.  Ex.  Create a binder with websites, documents, images, and videos about topics like Pythagorean Theorem, Adding Fractions, Proportions, Angles, etc.
  • Have students create online portfolios with their work.  When students create products online, they can save them into a Live Binder as an online portfolio.  They can also upload written documents into the binder.  This would be a great way for students to be able to share their work with their parents.
  • Create shared portfolios of student's work on a particular topic. Ex.  You could have students create a Glog about angles.  Then you could have the entire class share their Glogs in a Live Binder.  This is a great way to share work and to have it available for students to view any time.
These are just a few of the ways Live Binders can be used with math students.  Creating online Portfolios is also a great way to keep parents involved.  If your school has Student Led Conferences, this would be a new way for students to share their work with parents.

Have you used Live Binders with your students?  Leave a comment and tell us how you've used them.

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