Thursday, March 24, 2011

Create Your Own Newpaper in Minutes is also one of my latest discoveries and I love it!  You can create a newspaper in minutes by collecting Twitter feeds or Facebook postings.  I created the Kristi Grande Daily by using my Twitter feed and The #mathchat Daily by using the math chat hashtag.

It's easy and I love having the posts in one easy to read format.  Every 24 hours the paper picks up the day's feeds and you get an email with the link to the paper. You can share and embed the papers you create.  You can send to friends so they can subscribe to your daily newspapers.

If you have a PLN, this would be a fantastic way to share excellent resources.  If you don't have a PLN, this would be a good way to start one.

If you have any ideas for using with students, please leave a comment with your suggestions.

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