Thursday, March 24, 2011

Powerful Technology Tools for Teaching and Learning

I just discovered a thanks to Steve Dembo, @teach42It's a new application that allows you to gather and share resources about a particular topic.  You create a page, sort of like a blog, and start collecting sites related to the topic you've chosen.  Then you can share on Twitter and Facebook. People can subscribe to your page and get notified when you make additions to the page.
"Create your topic-centric media by collecting gems among relevant social media streams. Publish it to people sharing the same interest."
I love this application for many reasons.  This is a great way to visually bookmark and share related links. I also think there are some awesome possibilities for the classroom.  

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Some Possible Classroom Applications for 

  • Teachers and/or students can create pages on particular topics.  The class can subscribe to the page and make contributions when they come across a site that fits the topic.  This may get some students interested in searching for math videos or games.
  • Teachers can create a page of sites for a particular lesson and send the link to students.  All of the resources would be on one page for easy student access.
  • Create a page on Mathematicians.  Refer to the page when you teach a topic that was influenced by a famous mathematician.
  • If your students create blogs or other online student work products, they can create a page with all of their work.  They can share it with family, classmates, and other teachers to get feedback on their work.  Their family and friends can subscribe to their page and get updates every time they post something new.  (When students know their work is going to be published and reviewed by others, they tend to put forth better work products.) 
These are just a few ideas for using in the math classroom.  I'm sure you have many more ideas of how this can be used with students. 

Please leave a comment and share your ideas.

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