Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fun Math Trick Video: I Can Guess Your Phone Number

Here's a fun math trick video that your students might enjoy.  It's a trick where the calculations will result in your phone number, excluding the area code.  Students may find it interesting that you have to enter your entire phone number as part of the trick, but a series of calculations are performed with the digits.
I'm sharing this just as a fun thing to use with students.  It would be perfect for a time when students need a short "brain break".  You'll probably have at least one or two students who are interested in trying to figure out how the trick works.


Viewing Tip:  You can use SafeShare.TV to safely share YouTube videos with students.  SafeShare.TV takes all of the ads and comments off the videos.  I've already uploaded this video.  You can view it in SafeShare.TV by following this link.

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Mrs. Portier said...

What a fun trick for kids to amaze their friends! Then have them figure out the trick.