Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mathematics and Multimedia

I'm pleased to introduce my new partner blog, Mathematics and Multimedia.
The Mathematics and Multimedia blog, by Guillermo Bautista, is a blog for K-12 mathematics teachers, students, and math enthusiasts. The blog discusses conceptual explanation of K-12 mathematics topics, suggests alternative ways of teaching and learning it, shares useful and free resources on the internet, and promotes the integration of technology in teaching.  The blog has many software and web application tutorials, and also discusses ways on promoting math sites and math blogs.
Math and Multimedia is the home of more than 50 step by step GeoGebra tutorials and the organizer of the Mathematics and Multimedia Blog Carnival.  
I'm excited to host the upcoming May 2011 Mathematics and Multimedia Blog Carnival.  If you'd like to make a submission, click here.

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