Wednesday, April 27, 2011

5 Free Brainstorming Webtools Video

Mind Mapping is a great way to review and consolidate learning.  Memories are formed and retrieved by making associations.  The more associations you can make for new content, the better chance you'll have of being able to recall it later.  Mind Maps are excellent tools for creating visual representations of the relationships and associations among math topics and concepts. 

This video highlights 5 Free Online Mind Mapping Tools (written notes)I like this video from Teacher Experience Exchange because it gives the basics of each tool in a concise manner.   Mark Brumley does a nice job of showing the major features of each one of the 5 Mind Mapping Tools.

In a previous post, I highlighted some uses for (another Mind Mapping and Presentation Tool).  The 5 Mind Mapping Tools featured here offer more traditional forms of Mind Mapping.  Your needs for the topic you're Mind Mapping will determine which of the tools is best. 

The 5 Mind Mapping Tools featured in the video are:


Here are Some Possible Topics for Mind Mapping:
  •  Fraction Operations --- Include rules, examples, and visuals for each operation.  You could also have students create Podcasts or Videos that describe the steps for solving Fraction problems.
  • Types of Angles 
  • Types of Triangles
  • Types of Quadrilaterals
  • Statistical Measures (Mean, Median, Mode, and Range)
  • Probability (Simple, Independent, Dependent) --- Include definitions, examples, videos of experiments, images of tree diagrams, etc.
  •  Area of Polygons --- Include various polygons, their formulas, examples, images of real objects, videos or audio of students explaining how to derive the formula for each polygon, etc.
  • Volume of Prisms, Cylinders, and Cones
  • Rates and Ratios --- Include images, definitions, examples, etc.
  Leave a Comment and give your ideas for possible Mind Mapping Topics.

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